Remedial Training

Remedial education or postsecondary remediation is a set of advanced courses meant for students who lack the skills required for postsecondary education. These courses help enhance the competency and skills of a child and make him fit for his educational program. Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic holds top-class remedial training sessions for students advancing towards higher secondary education. We have a team of experts who deal with assessing the shortcoming of a child and training him accordingly.

We hold developmental programs for analyzing the skills of a child and offer placements for new entrants. Our courses follow transparent protocols stating clear goals of helping a student win the competency test. We offer highly structured courses focusing on improving a child’s skill. All the training sessions held by Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic are coordinated and dedicated to the well-being of a child. Our professionals deal with students patiently and help them realize their passion.

We offer counselling and tutoring in Vijayawada and all other branches. Parents can book a training program for their children and learn about our services in detail. Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic offers budget-friendly courses that one can afford without any hesitations. So, boost your child’s skills and increase his competency through our dedicated services.